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Allscripts Guided Scheduling

Why Allscripts Guided Scheduling?

Allscripts Guided Scheduling uses predictive analytics proven in other industries to understand which visits are going to come and ensure your providers are ready. Guided Scheduling prioritizes visits of high-need patients and reduces the impact of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. It also automates all the rules and preferences of your providers so your schedulers can focus on patient care instead of remembering how and when to schedule appointments.

With Allscripts Guided Scheduling, Your Organization Can:

Allscripts Guided Scheduling ensures patients are scheduled with the correct provider by identifying appointment types and booking them based on priorities, simultaneously increasing utilization of extenders.

With the use of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, Allscripts Guided Scheduling prepares for schedule churn in advance so the practice can continue running smoothly.

Schedule templates based on historical data, combined with automated rules and preferences, make sure that appointments are scheduled correctly every time.

Allscripts Guided Scheduling identifies and prioritizes patients who need care the most, helping to ensure that your providers are able to see them, and that they don’t go elsewhere for care.

Continued reporting after your Allscripts Guided Scheduling implementation provides your business leaders with multi-faceted insights to make informed business decisions.

Allscripts Guided Scheduling sends messages to users based on specific searches like gender, age, frequency, pre-authorization, etc., to aid schedulers based on the specific patient or appointment. 

Two Paths to Optimization

$49 / provider / month

Included in APM version 21.0

After approximately 30-60 minutes of Guided Scheduling configuration in our automated tool, your set up will be complete. Your practice will then be using Allscripts Open Times – powered by Guided Scheduling - to optimally schedule every patient visit based upon your practice’s goals.

  • Guided Scheduling is available on APM version 21.0 and newer
  • Once upgraded, you will receive a link via email to our Guided Scheduling Configuration tool
  • The self-guided configuration tool will take you through every step to achieve optimization
  • Additional APM template changes might be necessary for full optimization

$79 / provider / month

Work with experts throughout your whole implementation and talk with them about the goals that your practice wants to promote. Once your staff is using Allscripts Open Times – powered by Guided Scheduling – to optimally schedule every patient visit, our team will continue to augment your practice with ongoing consultive engagement.

  • Guided Scheduling is available on APM version 21.0 and newer
  • Once upgraded, you will be contacted by the Guided Scheduling Implementation team to schedule a kick-off call
  • The experts on the Guided Scheduling team will utilize your practice’s historical data and specialty best practices to craft a customized implementation plan
  • The Guided Scheduling Team has automated tools to analyze provider utilization and actual patient demand to drive recommendations around APM template updates



Guided Scheduling

Guided Scheduling Full Service

Data Insights and Recommendations

Recommendations based on the activity types, where they take place, and by which providers

Manager Self Configuration Tool

The ability to accept or adjust recommendations in real time based on the organization or its providers

Scheduler Rules Management

All visits are scheduled accurately by anyone using the program

Dynamic Messaging Capabilities

Messages automatically delivered to the scheduler to provide optimization reminders

Visit Prioritization by Practice

Visits are prioritized by medical need as well as other factors determined by the practice

Location Prioritization

Locations are prioritized to improve utilization, and insurances are routed only to locations that accept them.

Visit Prioritization by Provider

Provider preferences around visit types are configured by varying degrees of importance

Optimization Readiness Assessment and Recommendations

Automated data pull and review of key efficiency metrics that provide direction for updates and templates

Optimization and Configuration Consulting

Full assistance in set-up, configuration, and implementation from a Guided Scheduling expert

Schedule Churn Management

Automated updates to schedule templates to ensure no slots are left empty due to changes or no-shows

Extended Service Offering

Monthly and quarterly reporting, regular algorithm updates, and continued consultation from the Guided Scheduling team

Why our clients love partnering with us

As we were navigating through staff shortages and training new staff, we decided that Guided Scheduling could ease the lengthy time it takes to train new staff by using our data and the predictive analytics now built into Allscripts Practice Management to onboard new staff members quicker than we have been able to in the past.

Tracy E. Lyons, practice manager, The Orthopedic Center