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Allscripts Guided Scheduling Full Service

Getting Started

 Guided Scheduling Full Service offers all of the optimization that Guided Scheduling provides, with so many additional benefits. The full implementation is done by one of our Guided Scheduling experts complete with APM scheduling template recommendations, and ongoing reporting. Guided Scheduling Full Service is available on Allscripts Practice Management version 21.0 and newer. Guided Scheduling Full Service is an embedded feature within APM and the full implementation and continued support is offered at $79 per provider / month. If you still need to be upgraded, reach out to the Allscripts Guided Scheduling team, and we will help you get started!

What if I am on APM version 21.0 or newer?

If you've already been upgraded, great! One of our Guided Scheduling team members will be happy to work with you to get your Full Service implementation started.

The Full Service Process

The Guided Scheduling Full Service process begins with an automatic data pull from your Allscripts Practice Management environment. We look at a year’s worth of information around appointment types, durations, locations, provider preferences and more to build recommendations for complete scheduling optimization. We then deliver all of the information we find right to you and work with you on configuring Guided Scheduling based on your practice’s goals. So what exactly does that look like?

Our team will look in depth at your existing scheduling templates and compare them with your actual historical demand to provide you with recommendations for optimal changes. 

We will look at utilization and efficiency for each individual provider, and deliver solutions that will drive efficiency and ensure that each provider is being utilized correctly.

Based on existing physician relationships, visits with high medical need and from a known referring provider may be prioritized to ensure proper care within the network. 

Rules management is how we ensure that visits are scheduled accurately by anyone using the program. We do this by creating rules based on appointment types, providers, locations, insurance, and referring providers. 

Guided Scheduling Full Service allows for the most in-depth visit prioritization, with medical need always being the most important factor. Other factors include prioritization by appointment type, location, time of day, and referring provider. 

Messaging can be delivered to schedulers that provides reminders about insurance, frequency, age, gender, location, etc. 

After your Implementation

The Guided Scheduling Full Service offering extends past your practice's implementation and training. After getting to know your organization, our Guided Scheduling experts continue working to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful.

Automated Monthly Reporting

Monthly administrator reports that detail the number and types of visits, provider activity, referral detail, payer breakdown, and more.

Quarterly Performance Report

Quarterly reports that detail productivity, efficiency, patient wait time, visit type and year over year performance.

Algorithm Updates

Ongoing updates to Guided Scheduling algorithms based on changes in demand, seasonality, provider goals, practice changes, etc.

We can't wait to work with you!

If you'd like to get started with Allscripts Guided Scheduling Full Service, or you if you have more questions and want to chat with one of our experts, don't hesitate to reach out.