Guided Scheduling Direct

Giving patients the power to schedule their own appointments... how you want them to.

Optimized Online Patient Scheduling

Guided Scheduling Direct allows patients to schedule their own appointments at your organization – powered by our optimization and rules engines. New and existing patients can easily schedule without a username or password, and the Guided Scheduling engines help maintain accuracy and optimization every time. Guided Scheduling Direct ensures that patients schedule their own appointments by the same rules as your front office staff. 

How We're Different

Provider rules and preferences are always taken into account so a patient will always be scheduled with a provider that is the most appropriate to administer care. Some examples of this include:

  • Patients won’t be scheduled with a provider who does not accept their insurance.
  • Patients will always be assigned to a provider that can treat their symptoms.
  • Providers can make decisions about which patients can schedule, and what time slots can be scheduled in.

The practice’s preferences can be changed at any time based on how your needs around patient self-scheduling appointments change. For example:

  • More appointments can be opened up to patient online scheduling.
  • Fewer appointments can be made eligible for patient online scheduling.
  • Scheduling can be done by only existing patients, only new patients, or a combination of both.

The voice of your practice remains intact with real-time messaging that guides patients through the scheduling process. Specific nuances about the visit, the patient, or insurance rules can be displayed to ensure accuracy when scheduling. Some examples of messages that can be created include:

  • You can let the patient know that according to their insurance rules, it is too early to schedule a visit.
  • You can let the patient know that due to the nature of the visit, they should arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. 
  • You can tell the patient about recent updates within your practice that might impact their visit. 

Allowing patients to schedule their own appointments helps to augment front-desk staff, and our optimization engines allow for increased efficiency throughout all areas of the practice. Guided Scheduling Direct can help increase utilization across resources while giving providers peace of mind that their schedules are accurate.

Increased Patient Access

More than half of all patient visits in the last 3 years have been scheduled via an online platform. Most patients have stated that they prefer the ease of scheduling on desktop or mobile devices. Guided Scheduling Direct increases patient access to care by creating platforms that they can use wherever they are. 

Patients and Providers Working Together

Guided Scheduling Direct understands the decision-making processes involved when scheduling patient visits, and wants to help you and your patients work together. That’s why we are now delivering optimized patient self-scheduling functionality. Guided Scheduling Direct ensures patients can schedule their appointments with the correct provider by identifying appointment types and booking them based on historical data, prioritization, and provider rules and preferences.

Easily Integrate

Guided Scheduling Direct can be easily embedded within your existing practice website, and interacts seamlessly with your practice management system. This means that providers can rest assured their appointments are being scheduled the way they want them to, and no additional work is created for your front office staff. 

Compatible with Allscripts Practice Management version 21.0+

We are ready to help you empower your patients to schedule their own appointments. Reach out to one of our Guided Scheduling experts today to get started.