Allscripts Guided Scheduling

Self Configuration and your customized journey to optimization

The Basics

Allscripts Guided Scheduling is a practice optimization tool that functions within Allscripts Practice Management via the Open Times window. Scheduling from within Open Times with Guided Scheduling functioning in the background will ensure that all of your appointments are not only considering patient medical need, but also promoting the goals of your practice. Getting started with Allscripts Guided Scheduling begins with upgrading to Allscripts Practice Management version 21.0 or newer. Allscripts Guided Scheduling is an embedded feature within APM at no additional cost to you. If you still need to be upgraded, reach out to the Allscripts Guided Scheduling team and we will help you get started.

What if I am on APM version 21.0 or newer?

If you've already been upgraded, great! Be on the lookout for an email from the Guided Scheduling Team to begin your configuration!

  • Check to make sure you have fully completed your upgrade
  • Check with your practice administrator to see if you have configuration access
  • If you have your credentials but just need the link log in with the “Configure Guided Scheduling” button above

The Cool Part

Once you’ve gotten access to the Allscripts Guided Scheduling Configuration Tool, you’ll see that our team has been pretty busy. We have automatically pulled a year’s worth of data from your Allscripts Practice Management environment and built out recommendations that you will review and validate as you navigate through the Tool. Click on any of the eight categories below to learn more about how they function within Guided Scheduling, and the data that we have used to build your recommendations! 

We have analyzed all of your appointment types and what provider they are seen by to make sure that every appointment is seen by the correct person, at the correct time, for the correct duration, and at the correct location.

We have looked at what providers see what appointment types, and optimized them so that every provider is being utilized most efficiently. 

If your practice has multiple locations, they have all been taken into account. All providers and appointment types have been optimally configured.

Appointment slots for high-need visits are held to ensure that patients who need care the most are able to receive it. 

Based on your Allscripts Practice Management environment, a provider who is not credentialed to see a certain insurance will not appear as an option to be scheduled.

Visits can be prioritized first by medical need, and then by what the provider prioritizes based on appointment type, time of day, and insurance carrier reimbursement. 

Visits with high medical need and from a known referring provider may be prioritized to ensure proper care within the network.

Messaging can be delivered to schedulers that provides reminders about insurance, frequency, age, gender, location, etc. 

When You've Finished the Configuration

That's it! All of your appointments scheduled through APM Open Times will now be optimized based on patient medical need, practice efficiency, and provider rules and goals. Here are just a few final reminders we want to share with you.

Open Times appointment types may be different than the appointment type drop-down menu in the APM Schedule book. This is based upon what you selected during the configuration. 

If you receive a message in the Open Times results window that says “Guided Schedules not returned. Results returned have not been optimized,” please log a support ticket with Allscripts.

If you have providers / locations that share the same appointment types, the Open Times results window will return all providers and locations associated with that appointment type. The specific provider or location that you selected will be displayed in BOLD. 

If you add any new appointment types, providers, or adjust locations within Allscripts Practice Management, that data will be added into Guided Scheduling for you to configure. 

Guided Scheduling Full Service

If you really like the sound of visit optimization and so much more, but want someone else to complete the configuration for you, check out Guided Scheduling Full Service. Our experts on the Allscripts Guided Scheduling team will complete the steps of the configuration above for you - and so much more. If you want more information on how to get started, use the button below to talk to one of our team members or visit the Guided Scheduling Full Service page here.