Helping your existing staff proactively manage patient care

Allscripts Proactive Care

Why Allscripts Proactive Care?

Allscripts Proactive Care uses automated and secure data pulls to allow your staff to dynamically communicate with your patients. With customizable care programs, you can curate patient lists and send messages in just a few clicks. By making your existing data work for you, your practice can improve patient access to care and ensure patient retention along the way. Allscripts Proactive Care is automated care management that can save your staff time and increase your practice’s overall efficiency. 

Improve your Practice's Interoperability:

Works directly with Guided Scheduling Direct to allow your patients to schedule directly from your communication with them. Combining Proactive Care with Guided Scheduling Direct streamlines the patient experience by auto-populating the correct booking information for the patient who decides to schedule through the message. 

With Allscripts Proactive Care, your organization can:

Proactive Care aggregates your existing data into secure patient groups, based on criteria that you enter. This criteria includes: 

  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Provider/Appointment Type
  • Frequency of the Visit

Proactive Care sends automated, HIPAA-compliant messages to patients that follow your existing workflows. Messages can be purely informational, or provide a link that allows patients to schedule their next appointment. 

Messages are sent accounting for the practice’s real-time availability, so you will never be scheduled with patients you don’t have room for.

Your recall workflow is made easy with Allscripts Proactive Care by using real-time data from your Practice Management System.

Programs can be active or inactive at any time based on not only your organization’s overall goals, but also the current availability of your providers. 



Proactive Care Message


Patients who missed their appointments in the last 48 hours and have United Healthcare



Patients who have not been in for their annual follow-up in the last 15 months



Patients who have not been in for their annual follow-up in the last 15 months


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